10 Awesome Characteristics of a Resilient Person

resilient person

This post is all about the qualities of a resilient person. If you want to learn how to thrive in the midst of adversity, keep reading! 

We often hear highly successful people share their success stories and how they overcame adversity. We wonder how in the world they can get through such difficulties. 

The common denominator among these people? Resilience. 

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back and stay strong in the face of challenges or setbacks. 

A resilient person can adapt to tough situations, maintain a positive mindset, persevere, and not only overcome adversity but learn from it as well. 

Being resilient doesn't mean you'll never have moments of weakness or times when you feel like giving up. You're still human. 

But to be resilient means that no matter how difficult or hopeless a situation may seem, you still stand up and keep going. 

Is it easy? Nope. Sometimes it feels impossible to take even one small step forward. But that's what sets resilient people apart. They still take that impossibly difficult step. 

Good news is, we can all learn to be resilient. Later on, I will share some powerful habits of resilient people, but for now, let's see the characteristics of a resilient person.

10 Characteristics of a Resilient Person

1. Has a positive mindset

A resilient person maintains a positive outlook even in the midst of a challenging situation. 

This doesn't mean being engrossed in wishful thinking or being in denial of the difficulties you face. Rather, it's being able to say, "This is an incredibly hard situation, but I can get through this and things will get better. I will come out of this stronger and wiser."

It's about accepting the current situation but remaining hopeful about the future. A setback is not the end of the story for resilient people. It is just a chapter that will bring about growth and maturity.

2. Adaptable

Everyone faces tough situations, but people with resilience are able to adapt to change and cope with different challenges that come their way.

Rather than resisting change, they embrace it and stay open-minded. 

3. Patient

Some trials are harder and last longer than expected. Without patience, it's so easy to give up and lose hope. 

Waiting is one of the most challenging things when you are in a difficult season. Learning to be patient, even when all you want to do is quit, will help you get through adversity.

4. Demonstrates perseverance

This is a common trait among highly successful people. Even when they have every reason to lose hope and all the odds seem to go against them, resilient people choose to stay determined and persistent. 

They keep their eyes on their goals and will do even the inconvenient, uncomfortable, and downright difficult to get to where they need to go. 

They may get discouraged at times, but they don't stay there. They continue moving forward no matter how difficult.

5. Has a sense of purpose

When you feel tired and discouraged, one of the things that can push you to get back on track is purpose. 

When you have a strong "why" for what you do, it keeps you going, even when faced with challenges and setbacks. It gives you focus and direction, no matter how chaotic or confusing things may seem. 

Resilient people also find meaning in adversity, such as believing that someday, they can help other people who are going through what they went through. 

Knowing that they'll be able to offer encouragement and insights to others and make an impact on their lives gives purpose to resilient people's current suffering.

6. Self-aware

Resilient people know how to manage their emotions. They are self-aware, meaning they acknowledge and understand what they feel. 

They also know how to process these emotions in a healthy way. They are able to express their feelings openly and honestly. 

7. Has strong problem-solving skills

Resilient people don't dwell on problems but rather find creative ways to resolve them. 

A good problem solver stays calm, thinks critically and comes up with effective ways to overcome difficulties.

They can think outside the box and don't easily give up when a certain solution doesn't work. They keep trying and are able to strengthen their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in the process. 

8. Has an attitude of gratitude

One of the things I try to always remind myself, especially in trying times is this: Enjoy the journey, not just the destination. 

Resilient people know and accept that difficulties are part of life, but they don't let these difficulties steal their peace and joy.

Dwelling on life's problems and focusing too much on the future can cause us to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

People with resilience appreciate the simple things and celebrate small wins. Doing this helps avoid getting burned out or depressed in challenging times. 

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9. Internally focused

Resilient people don't try to control all circumstances and even people's actions. They recognize that doing so will just lead to disappointment and stress. 

Rather, they focus their energy on things that they can work on, improve, or resolve. They know how to let go of things outside of their control.

10. Knows how to seek support when needed

We are made to cultivate relationships. And one essential reason why this is necessary is to give and receive support when needed. 

Having a strong support system can have a huge impact on one's response to adversity. Loved ones and friends can give encouragement, practical help, and helpful advice. 

This gives one the comfort and strength to keep fighting when it's tempting to just give up.


Difficulties are inevitable, but what sets resilient people apart is that they never let adversity hinder them from achieving their goals and experiencing personal growth in the process.

While some people may naturally have a disposition towards being more resilient, it's a trait that can be developed and strengthened. By facing the challenges of life head-on, we can learn how to cope, adapt and bounce back. 

We can also find purpose in our difficulties and use the experience and wisdom we've gained to help others thrive in tough times. 

No matter what challenges you face in life, remember that you can choose to be a resilient person and that you can rise above your circumstances. 

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