Spending Time With God: 7 Simple and Effective Habits

spending time with God

This post is all about simple yet effective habits for spending time with God. Discover practical tips on how to guard your time with Him and grow in your spiritual walk!

You're probably reading this because you seek to spend more time with God, but find it a little challenging to do so. It could be because of your hectic schedule, lack of motivation, a cluttered mind, or maybe you just don't know where to begin. 

I can relate. Some days I'm super eager to spend time with God, but there are days when I get too busy or I'm just not motivated. But I always try to keep in mind that on days when I feel like this, that's when I need to spend time with God even more.

I'm learning that I need to 'make time' for Him, instead of giving Him the leftovers. The God who created me and loves me deeply is worthy of my time and attention. 

The enemy always devises ways to keep us too busy for God and His kingdom. The sad thing is that we often get caught in the trap. But we can always establish strategies to guard our precious time with God. It's also important that we ask for His help when we get distracted. 

How To Spend Time With God: Here are 7 simple yet powerful habits that worked for me:

1. Talk to God as soon as you open your eyes in the morning

As you open your eyes in the morning, what's the first thought that you always have? Is it work? Your family? Where your phone is? What to eat for breakfast?

What if you train your brain to immediately talk to God upon waking up? To tell him thank you for another day you've been given. To ask Him to guide you in every decision today. To surrender any worry or distraction that pops up in your head. 

I tried doing this. Sometimes even before I get up, I already talk to Him like I'm talking to a father. And a friend. Seems simple, right? But you know what, this tiny habit has incredibly improved my stress and anxiety levels. It has also improved how I deal with tasks throughout the day. 

There's something about talking to God that gives me a sense of peace and comfort. That feeling when you know you've got someone who's got your back and you're not alone in everything you'll face today.

‌2. Do not pick up your phone for the first hour upon waking up 

You can probably relate when I say that one of the greatest enemies of spending time with God is my phone. Sometimes I don't realize that every spare time I get, I always reach for my phone and scroll endlessly on mindless entertainment. It has become a bad habit.

When I tried not reaching for my phone for 30 minutes to an hour after waking up, I was able to experience freedom from these distractions. I actually spent quality time with God. 

Even reading my Bible from a phone app doesn't seem to work for me. I'd always end up opening messages or prompts, or searching for random things and that would eventually get me stuck in that same old habit of time-consuming scrolling. So, I had to go back to reading from my old Bible, which I learned to enjoy again. 

I urge you to try not holding your phone upon waking up and feel the freedom that it gives! It feels so light and refreshing to not start your day with your eyes glued to your phone! 

‌3. Leave your Bible open in the exact same spot

Where do you immediately go after getting up from your bed? Leave your Bible open in that same spot!

I heard before from a Pastor that leaving His Bible open on top of his bedside table made it very accessible and easier for him to reach it and just start reading it. 

This too, was effective for me. Leaving it open with my highlighter on top of it somehow feels like it's ready to be read and studied. I also placed it in a spot where I enjoy chilling and reading, so seeing it there made it feel inviting to just sit there comfortably and dive into God's word. 

‌4. Meditate on one to two verses from the reading you've done

I used to struggle so much with anxiety, and this is something that made a huge improvement for me. It's not just skimming through the Bible, but actually thinking about it and meditating on a few verses. Even just one or two. 

I also try to ask questions such as:

-What does God want me to learn from this passage? What is God trying to tell me?
-How can I apply this to my life?
-How did God's people handle the situation they were in?
-How did God respond to people's prayers?
-What does this tell about God's character and how will this shape the way I view God?

Actually trying to understand and meditate on His word instead of just reading through it allows me to learn more about God and His character. It also gives me a deeper sense of appreciation for Him and His word.

Knowing Him more in this way also fosters a deeper trust in Him because I understand the depth of His love even more.

‌5. Immediately talk to God about your thoughts or feelings as they come

Spending time with God can take place anytime and anywhere. It's not just at home or every Sunday.

I found that the more I talk to God throughout the day, the closer I feel toward Him. I found this especially helpful when there's something that bothers me, hurts me, or confuses me. Surrendering it to God right away keeps me from ruminating or feeling down the whole day.

Doing this also reminds me that God is always with me in every minute of every day, always ready to listen, support, and comfort me. 

This did not only help with my walk with God but also reduced my anxiety significantly. 

‌6. Express gratefulness even for the smallest things

Saying 'thank you' to God even for the smallest things really gives me a different kind of joy. Sometimes it can be challenging to do this especially when you're going through a difficult time, but I assure you, this will help you feel better!

Noticing and appreciating the things God has blessed us with will also grow our trust in Him. 

It's also nice to think that He is pleased when we are grateful. Even if it's just for the parking slot near the entrance, for the great weather, or for being able to spend time with your loved ones, I'm sure that God is happy when we utter a simple, "Thank you Lord" to appreciate His blessings, big or small. 

Remember, some of the things you have right now used to be things that you only prayed for in the past. Sometimes we just do not realize that God has already answered a lot of our prayers. 

7. Have a short devotional before going to bed

Reading the Bible or having a short devotional with verses before I sleep allows me to calm my mind and just focus on God. 

Throughout the day, there are so many tasks, thoughts, and other things that keep us occupied. Spending time with God before ending the day brings my attention back to what matters most, and that is knowing and loving Him.

I noticed that starting and ending the day with God gives me peace of mind, calmness, and strength. The awesome bonus? Better sleep! When I started surrendering my thoughts and feelings to God before going to sleep, I felt more relaxed and slept more quickly and for longer hours.


Spending time with God is one of the best things that we can enjoy in this life. Sometimes, we just fail to realize it because of too many distractions, temptations, or excuses. 

I hope these simple habits will help you guard your precious time with God and strengthen your relationship with Him.

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